Overnight Matcha Bircher Muesli

Fuel your mornings with this nutritious treat made from simply soaking the flavors overnight!

Makes enough to share.

An original recipe prepared for us by Tastefully Tash.


    • ¾ cup oats
    • 2 tsp Aiya Culinary Grade Matcha
    • 1 Tbsp vanilla protein powder
    • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    • 2 Tbsp unsweetened yogurt
    • 5 sliced strawberries
    • ¼ sliced mango
    • 4 raspberries


    1. Slice the strawberries and stick around the base of a glass jar.
    2. Combine the oats, Matcha, vanilla protein, almond milk, and yogurt into a mixture.
    3. Spoon the mixture into the jar.
    4. Pour in the remaining yogurt.
    5. Arrange the strawberries, sliced mango and raspberries on top of the jar.
    6. Put in the fridge overnight.
    7. Grab, go and enjoy the next morning!

    (This recipe can also be eaten fresh)


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